Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation Terms

  • Caucuses - meeting in which to clarify issues and/or probe for solutions, a mediator talks separately with one or more ot the parties and/or one or more of the parties' attorneys.
  • Confidentiality Agreement -  a document signed by all participants, including the mediator, requiring that everything discussed and everything agreed to remain strictly comfidential
  • Joint Session - meetings in which all the parties and their attorneys participate together to clarify issues and/or probe for solutions.
  • Mediation - a proceeding in which a trained neutral party assits the parties in reaching their own settlement, but does not have the authority to make binding decisions.
  • Negotiation - a process in whch the disputants commumicate their differences to one anotherr and the mediator, and use this knowledge to resolve their dispute.
  • Participant -  any individual taking part in the mediation.
  • Party - an individual, entity or group taking part in a mediation as a disputant and all the disputants' attorneys, advocates, represemtative and consultants, which include:
    • Requesting Party -  the party who files the mediation request
    • Responding Party -  any party who files a response to the mediation request.










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